Leather products such as shoes, bags, leather clothes… are always favored by consumers for their durability and fashion. However, not everyone can distinguish real leather from imitation leather. Some of the information below can provide you with the basics of genuine leather.

Leatherette material is divided into two main categories: simili and PU. With simili, you can easily identify because this material is cheap, hard, covered with a layer of polyester on the surface so it is very glossy, often sewn for the market. Particularly PU is more confusing, because this is a high-quality, soft leather-like material almost like real leather. However, PU is still a synthetic synthetic compound, so it can peel off over time.

Crocodile skin is not like cow leather, sheepskin, only one characteristic pattern, crocodile skin has diverse patterns and especially no repeating pattern because each crocodile has its own characteristic, no children. Which one is like any other. That means customers do not have any cases of contact when using crocodile leather products.

Here are some characteristics to distinguish real and fake alligator skin.

1 / Common feature of these imitation leather products, the vertical space between the fish fins is not so much like our fingerprints. They merely create space between the fringes.

Crocodile wallet
For imitation crocodile spines For imitation crocodile belly
The above pictures are all from simili material or cowhide imitating crocodile leather.

Here is a photo of a genuine leather product so you can clearly see the texture:

Real crocodile leather wallet

2 / Another feature is that the crocodile leather imitation products can not make the bone fins as shown below:

Squeeze crocodile leather 2 sides S432c

3 / Another point is that the crocodile leather imitation is very cheap, only about 300,000 VND, but it is also super profitable when the original price is less than 50,000 VND. And products look at completely do not feel the majesty, the beauty of this river assassin.

Many customers who have never known crocodile skin often believe that the crocodile skin is not burned, scratched does not peel. This is a misconception.

All organic matter can be burned, so does people’s bones, let alone crocodile skin. Crocodile skin is a type of flake skin if it is not tanned with good technology and if it is dead fish skin, when you scratch it, it will definitely break or peel your face. In comparison, the price of these poor quality crocodile leather products is only slightly higher than that of imitation leather products, but for a long time it is even worse than imitation leather products.

With some products imitation crocodile skin that stamp on the surface of cow leather, you will not be able to scratch the peel. Plus, when using the fire test, it won’t melt plastic because it’s real cowhide anyway. People who make fake crocodile skin products when they sell them clearly note that this is family, only merchants who want to profit, take fake products and say it is true to check profits in an unright way, deceiving. Some customers want cheap goods that want quality.

So advice for customers: You should go to reputable stores and brands to buy real products with the best quality.

Here are some pictures of crocodile leather wallet models: