Nowadays, leather is more and more widely used in fashion, the possession of some unique and durable leather products becomes popular in every family. Here are some of the best ways to preserve and refresh leather.

  1. How to keep items with leather

– The first thing that you need to remember is never to place leather objects close to the floor, even though your floor is tiled or coated with cement. The dirt will make the skin quickly damaged and especially in the rainy season, the wet air will make the skin mold.

– Do not use leather when it’s wet, raining, or when you sweat excessively. These substances quickly harden the skin. If your skin is wet, you should not use a dryer because it will easily dry or crack your skin, so let your skin dry naturally in a well-ventilated place. Leather should be softened several times each season, especially in sunny, humid climates. When using polishes, be careful that the polish matches the product color, and be careful not to damage the natural skin color.

  1. How to polish items with leather

– You use a soft felt soaked in fresh milk and rub vigorously on the skin surface. Remember to rub your hands vigorously and rub evenly in a circular fashion. Then, wipe it off with a dry cloth, the objects will be new and shiny.

– You filter the egg whites, beat it out into the snow. Then, if you have a leather wallet or a leather bag that is dry and hard for a long time, use the egg whites mentioned above to penetrate a clean cloth and hit it hard on the wallet, leather bag Then, wipe thoroughly with another clean cloth. Make sure that the items will be soft and shiny like when they first bought them.

  1. When bleaching need attention

When erasing, you should start with a small, hard-to-see spot for testing. After a few minutes, if there is no discoloration, continue. Use a damp cloth or a small brush. If your skin is moldy, mix alcohol with water, use a cloth dipped in this solution and then bleach. If the mold is too “stubborn”, you can use soap and water, then use a towel soaked in water to remove the soap still on your skin, then let the skin dry.

  1. Store for a long time

– A leather item, when stored for a long time not in use, you should store it in a cool, dry, cool place. Do not put leather goods in plastic bags, boxes too tight. Where to store leather goods you should add a little desiccant and leave.

– How to keep leather items not dry and hard: Leather items are absorbed by rainwater, often hardened. You should take half of the potato and rub it vigorously, thoroughly on the bag. Finished, polish again with poker, the leather will be out of dryness.

  1. How to lose mold on the skin

– If your leather utensils are moldy, you can remove the stain by wiping it off with a clean rag soaked in turpentine. However, if the mold is ingrained in the skin, wiping it off, you must do the following:

– You use sandpaper, which is very smooth, to hit the mold clean. After hitting, you must paint the beaten skin with sandpaper to match the surrounding skin. Finally, polish the shoebox again.

  1. How to lose fat stains on the skin

– First, you must use a cotton soaked in Benzine to wipe the oil open. The skin there will be pale, no longer good with the general skin color, you have to polish it with wax with the same color as the skin.

  1. Bag preservation

– About 1-2 times per year, renew your leather bag with colorless shoe polish.

– For repair, do not bring shoe repair or dry cleaning, risk of damage due to wrong tools. Bring it to a professional bag repair service.

– Do not store leather bags in plastic bags, it can dry the bag or get plastic on the skin. Tuck old shredded paper or t-shirt into the bag to keep shape. Place the bag in a store felt bag or pillowcase and let it stand upright.

– When storing leather bags for a long time, you should stuff newspaper inside, both having the effect of absorbing moisture, while keeping the shape to prevent them from being broken or cracked.

Crocodile leather is a material that has many outstanding advantages compared to other types, high ventilation, no static electricity, good insulation with the scaly layer is quite firm. This skin type has a very high aesthetic, the greater the friction, the higher the gloss of the skin, and from this advantage, crocodile skin gradually rises to a high position in the fashion industry.

The products made from crocodile skin have high ventilation, not static electricity, good insulation with the scaly layer quite firmly. The production process of these items is also quite sophisticated and goes through skillful stages. After preliminary processing, this leather has a very high aesthetic, the greater the frictional force, the higher the gloss of the skin, and from this advantage, the manufacturers create crocodile leather fashion. add class, more luxurious and elegant.

Another special thing about products made from crocodile skin: unique. Each crocodile has its own characteristics, so products made from crocodile skin are different from each other, it is impossible to find two products with overlapping patterns.

How to preserve products made from crocodile skin:

– Do not use water or other cleaning chemicals to clean the product, only use a soft cloth and skin wax.

– Use the eraser (eraser) slowly rub vigorously when there are sticky stains.

– Avoid exposing the product to much moisture, direct exposure to chemicals, sweat, sunlight or hot air.

– Do not try to bend the crocodile scales (thorns) on the waist because the thorns can break.